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Addiction Recovery Nurses “On Fire” After One-on-One Neurofeedback Training

“When we headed home after training with Mike Cohen we were on fire!”

That’s how Ann Webster, R.N. described her feelings the day she and her colleague Dorothy Denigris, R.N. hopped on a plane at Palm Beach International Airport and headed back home to Connecticut. They had spent the previous day training intensively one-on-one with Mike in anticipation of adding neurofeedback to the unique addiction recovery program in which they play key roles.

Can You Get Rid of Chronic Migraines?

New type of biofeedback helps prevent or dramatically reduce migraines without medication Migraine headaches can ruin your life. They can make it challenging to work and take care of everyday tasks. They rob you of even the simplest of life’s pleasures. Even with medications, you probably still have migraines. Here’s how three chronic migrainers changed their [...]

Significant improvement with 6 weeks of neurofeedback 9 years after woman’s brain injury

April had suffered debilitating symptoms for over nine years since an illness left her with a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). After just six weeks of neurofeedback, she experienced significant improvement. This interview with April, her daughter, and Mike Cohen of the Center for Brain Training explores the power neurofeedback can have in people’s lives,

Woman’s migraines reduce from 100 per year to single digits after neurofeedback

Amy suffered from migraine headaches since she was 6. When she came to he tCenter for Brain Training she was having more than 100 a year. After doing neurofeedback, the number and intensity of her migraines was significantly reduced. She was interviewed by Mike Cohen of the Center for Brain Training.

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Woman who Took Meds for 15 Years Now Drug-Free in a Matter of Months after Neurofeedback

Jane* is still surprised when she hears the comments from friends: What happened to you? You’re so outgoing....so full of personality. You’re a different person! And she blushes just a bit when her happy husband Bud remarks with a grin: “You’re so much more…amorous.” He says he loves the fact that for the first time [...]

Immense Life Change for College Student with OCD and Anxiety

“Manuel has this beautiful personality–he’s very kind and smart–but it was always hidden by his anxiety and being in fight mode. It was so frustrating to see my son suffering and not know how to help him. Neurofeedback has made that special part of Manuel blossom. Now his wonderful qualities are showing.” Life for 20-year-old [...]

Managers Are Stressed, and That Can Lead to Addiction

by Eva Benoit
Guest Blogger for Center for Brain

(Note: Neurofeedback is used around the country at drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers as well as in mental health care clinics to assist addicts/alcoholics in stabilizing their moods, diminishing cravings and making better decisions. See link to studies below.)

If you look at any mid- to high-level manager or executive’s schedule,

After Four-Plus Years of Silence, Autistic Boy Doing Neurofeedback Starts Speaking

“Hey, buddy. I know you’re getting tired, but hang in there a few more minutes,” suggested Chuck*. “You’re almost done with your homework. Let’s finish it and then take a break, OK?” “I don’t want to!” countered seven-year-old Curtis* in no uncertain terms. For most parents, this interaction would have been an opportunity for a [...]