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Playing a Musical Instrument Can Help Your Child Do Better in School by Rewiring the Brain

by Michael Cohen, Director
Center for Brain

At Center for Brain we often recommend that children who are struggling with attention or learning issues be encouraged to learn to play a musical instrument, particularly the keyboard, in addition to engaging in our neurofeedback program. There has been evidence over the years that playing an instrument helps enhance healthy brain development,

Keeping your Body and Mind Active Can Preserve Memory and Quality of Life into Old Age

by Michael Cohen, Director
Center for Brain

No one disputes that exercising your brain is a great way to keep it healthy and functioning into old age, but did you know that exercising your body is just as important?The results of a 12-year study published earlier this year in Neurology,

Staying Mentally Sharp into Old Age – It’s Not Just about your Genes

by Michael Cohen, Director
Center for Brain

Getting older doesn’t mean your brain can’t be sharp – and even improve! We now know that genes are just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to maintaining or losing brain function. Just because Grandma “lost it” doesn’t mean you will. Lifestyle choices can have a great deal to do with your mental fitness as you age.

Sleep Issues in Teens and Kids can have Serious Consequences

Insomnia isn’t just for adults. An estimated 17 percent of teens suffer from chronic sleeplessness, and the consequences can be dire. Fortunately, neurofeedback, which is what we do at Center for Brain in Jupiter, can help.

Insomnia causes more than sleepiness in school and an inability to concentrate. In a study published in 2014 in the journal Sleep Medicine that looked at 350 students in grades 7-12 in Australia,

The Benefits of Brain Mapping

Brain mapping provides neurofeedback clinicians excellent and specific information about what is actually going on in an individual’s brain. This valuable data helps explain specific behavior patterns, allows us to better target the most beneficial treatment protocols, and often allows more rapid and smooth results from neurofeedback training.

While not everyone needs a brain map,

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