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Aspiring Practitioner Says Neurofeedback 101 Course Ideal for New Clinicians

Deirdre Peters wants to open a neurofeedback practice. To gain the knowledge she feels she needs, she’s taken several neurofeedback courses over the past nine years. Unfortunately, none left her feeling prepared to be a clinician until she took Mike Cohen’s Neurofeedback 101 course.

The problem, she said, was that they were either geared toward passing a certification exam or exposed her to little more than theory and various types of equipment.

Stumbling blocks
“When I came back after those courses and tried doing neurofeedback, I ran into stumbling blocks,” said Deirdre, an occupational therapist in Port St. Lucie, Florida. “There was just too much left out and too much I still didn’t know about what I was doing.”

Determined to find a course that would arm her with a full complement of knowledge and experience tools, Deirdre took Neurofeedback 101 at the Center for Brain Training’s office.

Information she could apply right away
“Mike’s course was really different from the others,” she noted. “I finished the course with information I could apply right away. When I got home, I hooked up my son and my significant other and was able to train them with no problem.”

Protocols for various conditions
“One helpful aspect of the course is that Mike gave us protocols to use for various conditions. He showed us how to look at the graphs to determine which brain waves were slow and which ones were fast.

“I now understand better what the different montages mean and feel more comfortable deciding what should be up-trained and what should be down-trained.”

She said she also found Mike’s teaching style useful.

Getting the “full picture”
“It’s easy to follow him, and he gives you the full picture,” she continued. “The course was a good balance of case studies, information and hands-on training.

“I would definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to be a clinician because the course is geared to clinicians. They’ll be able to go back home and apply what they learned right away.”

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