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Michael Cohen

Michael Cohen Neurofeedback CV

> Neurofeedback Teaching Experience
> Other Professional Experience
> Education
> Neurofeedback Membership and Activities

Neurofeedback Teaching Experience

Neurofeedback 101/Introductory Courses, Three-Day Courses, Instructor. 2002-Present

  • teaches core neurofeedback concepts to help healthcare providers learn how to apply this technology in a clinical setting

Neurofeedback 201, Two-Day Intermediate Skills Course, Instructor. 1999-Present

  • teaches healthcare professionals who have been using neurofeedback in a clinical setting for 6 months or longer how to better understand the EEG and its clinical relevance to cortical function and symptoms, learn to enhance feedback-based learning by targeting EEG frequencies and optimizing reinforcement schedules, and review training protocols (sites and frequencies) commonly used to target clinical symptoms, while reviewing brain function relevant to that targeted training

Online Protocol Discussion Groups, Mentor and Facilitator. 2012-Present

  • discusses protocols, assessment strategies and EEG and neurofeedback strategies for targeted clinical issues with up to 10 professionals per group. Topics include ADHD, anxiety, depression, autism, attachment disorder, bipolar disorder, addiction, brain injury, seizures, and migraines.

Online Mentoring Groups, Mentor and Facilitator. 2012

  • provided mentoring for three online groups of up to six clinicians per group. Each mentoring group attended four, two-hour, online sessions. Attendees presented cases that were discussed in depth, including a review of protocol options, refinements in assessments, the EEG and its implications, neurofeedback training strategies, as well as long-term case planning.

Introduction to Neurofeedback Course for Medical Students, Instructor. 2008-Present

  • teaches one-day course sponsored by and offered at the Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine, Florida International University Medical School.

Educational Phone Forum, Facilitator. 2003-Present

  • created and hosts an educational audio series of over 70 interviews with top clinicians in both neurofeedback and related fields available on CD. Experts include psychologists, neuropsychologists, psychiatrists, and physicians.
  • discusses neurofeedback applications, protocols, and theory, or how top neurofeedback experts address key clinical issues
  • covers topics such as PTSD, ADHD, depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, autism and Asperger’s, neuropsychological testing, qEEGs, evidence-based models, attachment disorder, neurophysiological models for training, family therapy issues with neurofeedback, and more
  • sponsored by EEG Spectrum International, now called EEG Software

Introduction to Neurofeedback for Psychiatry, Co-Chair and Instructor. 2005-2011

  • acted as Co-Chair of the CME course with Thomas Brod, Psychiatrist
  • sponsored by, and curriculum approved by, the American Psychiatric Association (APA)
  • served as Co-Instructor at four- and six-hour courses presented annually at International APA meetings. Co-presenters included two psychiatrists, a neuropsychologist, and a psychologist at each course.

Introductory Course Palm Beach Atlantic University Counseling Program, Instructor. 2009-2010

  • taught three-hour class, which introduced core concepts and applications of neuroregulation and biofeedback to counseling graduate students

Mental Health Association of Palm Beach, Speaker. 2009

  • presented  a class introducing neurofeedback to approximately 150 mental healthcare professionals

ISNR Annual Conference Courses, Instructor. 2001-2005

The International Society of Neurofeedback and Research (ISNR) offers courses every year at their annual conference, which is the largest conference in the field. Mike was selected to present to members of ISNR, primarily psychologists, physicians, licensed therapists, and social workers.

ISNR:  Introduction to Neurofeedback – 6 hour course. 2001-2005

  • taught core, introductory concepts for clinicians new to the field. Mike co-instructed this course with Ed Hamlin, PhD, neuropsychologist.

ISNR:  Introduction to qEEG – 4 hour course. 2004-2005

  • taught basic, core concepts to learn to read and use qEEGs as a tool to help target neurofeedback training as evidence-based information. Mike co-instructed this course with Roger deBeus, PhD.

Certificate Program in Applied Neuroscience Four-Day Course, Instructor. 2004-2005

  • taught 32-hour Introduction Courses sponsored by Cambridge College, Cambridge, MA and EEG Spectrum. Part of the Applied Neuroscience 10-credit-hour program, this graduate level course provided 3 Graduate Credit Hours.

EEG Spectrum International, Director of Education and Instructor. 1998-2004

  • taught four-day, American Psychological Association and BCIA-approved Introduction to Neurofeedback course over 60 times throughout the U.S. During this period, EEG Spectrum was the largest provider of neurofeedback courses for mental health and medical professionals.
  • provided training in the technical aspects of using EEG and neurofeedback technology and applying it in a clinical setting. Courses covered introductory EEG and neurofeedback concepts, assessment procedures, underlying neurophysiology, and clinical case practicums.
  • taught both theory and practice for clinicians

Alpha-Theta Training, Co-Instructor. 2002-2004

  • co-instructed 10 Alpha-Theta training courses, which included more than 100 clinicians.

Australian Clinical Neurofeedback Conference, Keynote Lecturer and Instructor. 2002, 2004

  • gave keynote lectures, as well as taught Introductory and Intermediate courses in 2002 and 2004 for approximately 30 licensed clinicians

Q-Metrx, Inc., qEEG Training Instructor. 2001-2002

  • trained clinicians and their staff how to capture EEGs and effectively use qEEG reports at neurofeedback offices throughout the U.S.

Guest Lecturer and Instructor. 1999-2004

  • taught two- and three-day courses in neurofeedback for psychologists and physicians in Norway, Sweden, Venezuela, the Netherlands, and South Africa

Other Professional Experience Prior to Center for Brain Training

Brain Resource Company, Consultant.  2004-2005

  • consulted with major pharmaceutical companies including Eli Lilly, Novartis, Johnson and Johnson to evaluate qEEG and automated neuropsychological tools as evidence-based implements for drug trials on behalf of Australian company

Southern Institute of Psychophysiology, Founder and President. 1996-1998

  • opened a neurofeedback center in Atlanta in partnership with an experienced neurofeedback trainer who was also an EEG Spectrum International course instructor with seven years of experience


ISNR – International Society of Neurofeedback and Research. 1998-Present

Mike attends this conference annually, receiving 20 hours of APA CE course instruction over 3 days. The courses cover neurofeedback, assessment, EEG analysis, qEEG analysis, and neurophysiology. Instructors include the most experienced and knowledgeable experts in the field of neurofeedback and qEEG.

Clinical Courses at the Clinical Interchange Conference. 1997-Present

Mike attends these conferences annually, and completes 18 hours of APA CE courses over 3 days. These courses focus on neurofeedback, assessment, EEG analysis, and neurophysiology. Instructors include the most experienced and knowledgeable experts in the field of neurofeedback and qEEG.

Neurophysiology and Neurofeedback. 2003-2005

This in-depth, four-day comprehensive course on neurophysiology, cortical function and neurofeedback is taught by Dr. Harold Burke, Neuropsychologist. Mike completed this course every year for 3 years, and also assisted Dr. Burke in reorganizing and refining the course.

Alpha-Theta for Neurofeedback. 1996-2001

Mike attended this 15-hour course annually. Sponsored by EEG Spectrum, the course was taught by Bill Scott, an addiction specialist, and Neil King, a licensed therapist.

EEG Spectrum Introduction to Neurofeedback. 1996-2000

Mike completed 14 courses and also assisted in the class to help clinicians learn how to run neurofeedback systems. Course instructors included Dr. Barry Sterman, a neuroscientist who taught neurophysiology, as well as Sue and Siegried Othmer.

University of Tennessee, Bachelor of Science. 1974

Neurofeedback Membership and Activities

International Society of Neurofeedback and Research (ISNR). 1998-Present

For three years, Mike served on the Board of Directors of ISNR, which currently has nearly 1000 professional members. Involved with ISNR since 1998, he is an active member of the organization and has consistently attended annual conferences.

The ISNR conference is the primary international gathering for professionals involved in the research and practice of qEEG and neurofeedback. Mike both attends and has taught courses at most of the yearly conferences. He was part of the group that helped plan and create the ISNR Research Foundation. In addition, he was a member of the committee appointed to communicate with the FDA regarding regulations that affect the field of neurofeedback.

Award:  Mike was named a Fellow of ISNR as a result of his work.

Clinical Interchange Conference. 1997-Present

Annually since 1997, Mike has attended these conferences hosted by EEG Spectrum. The conference focuses on neurofeedback and specific clinical issues, including ADHD, attachment disorder, depression, autism, and anxiety. From 1999 to 2010, Mike taught courses every year at the conference on the best utilization of EEGer neurofeedback software in a clinical setting. In addition, he helped host and emcee the conference from 2001 to 2005.

Host of the Autism.tv Internet Channel Show: Neurofeedback for Autism. 2013-Present

Mike Cohen hosts and interviews top experts in autism and neurofeedback, including Dr. Lynda Thompson, Dr. Paul Swingle, Dr. Robert Coben, and Dr. Mike Linden. In addition, he has created episodes which explain neurofeedback to both health professionals and families who may have children in the autism spectrum, as well as demonstrate its impact on children and families.

BCIA Mentor

BCIA is the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance and the main certifying organization for biofeedback.  Mike’s mentoring is accepted by the BCIA for supervision hours.

AboutNeurofeedback.com, Founder.

Mike started this website to be a comprehensive educational resource for both clinicians and health consumers. The site explains neurofeedback in-depth and in a way that is easy to understand. While no longer involved in the daily management of the site, he is one of the site’s expert advisors.

What others say:

“He’s been an amazingly knowledgeable resource for us.”
Avery Bratt, Ph.D. and Laura Bratt
AHA Psychological Services, Kansas City, KS

“Mike has provided me with critical information relative to specific cases, and with regard to general practice procedures.”
Susan Parente, Psy.D., Montclair, NJ

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