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FREE SEMINAR Wednesday, October 16th. Learn about neurofeedback training for difficult conditions like ADHD, anxiety, stress and more. Click here to find out more.


Join us for one of our free monthly presentations on “Neurofeedback and Your Brain”.  Learn how brain training is changing lives by improving brain performance and reducing symptoms for a variety of conditions.  Learn more about our free monthly lectures.


Attend one of our free webinars.  They’re designed for people who want to learn more about neurofeedback, but prefer to do it online from the comfort of their own home.  Topics vary and can range from autism, ADHD, and depression to how professionals can continue to advance their neurofeedback skills.  Learn more about our free monthly webinars.


Every few months we provide training courses in neurofeedback.  These courses are both for individuals who want to learn to apply neurofeedback to themselves and/or family members and for professionals who would like to provide neuofeedback as a service.  We also offer a Level ll Skills course for those who want to further refine and enhance their neurofeedback skills.  Learn more our training courses for health professionals.