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6-Year-Old Autistic Boy “Joins” Family Life After Being Uninvolved for Years

Before my six-year-old son began (EEG) biofeedback I would describe him as a little boy encased within an opaque bubble. He would ride in a car for 21 hours and never ask if we were there yet, or ask to get out of the car for any other reason unless he was hungry or had to use the restroom. We would point things out for him to see and his only response was, “Yeah.” When we went somewhere and we had to wait, he would just sit in a chair and never get up or fuss. Others would hurt him, but he would never tell on them or defend himself against them. He was afraid to leave his room unless someone was in the kitchen, which is near his room. He could never hold a conversation, or even attempt to begin one with anyone. He never had an opinion on anything.

Now (after 30 sessions of neurofeedback), it is an entirely different story. He will leave his room and sit in the living room alone. As soon as we get in the car, he wants to know if we are there yet. He has made up a game that he initiates whenever we go on a trip. We see who can find the most motorcycles, police cars, and fire trucks. He is a very competitive player.

He now resists me at bedtime. He tells me, “I say it’s up time.” I have to force him to go to bed now. It’s wonderful. I never thought I would want one of my children to defy me, but this is great.

We can send him on errands at home and he completes them without getting lost and forgetting what he was sent to get. He helps us carry groceries into the house and asks if he can help. Once the groceries are in the house, he puts away anything that belongs in the fridge.”

– S. V.
Central Falls, RI

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