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25 Years of Migraines

Alex, a 50-year-old man, struggled for 25 years with migraines and OCD. The migraines were often crippling and contributed to a feeling of constantly being tired and very unproductive.  

He was unconvinced that neurofeedback could help him because the results were not instant.  After doing neurofeedback for several sessions, he became resistant and wanted to quit.  He didn’t see how neurofeedback could possibly help. His mother (in her 80’s) continued to encourage him to come. With her help and our support, he kept on. After the 8th session, he noticed some slight improvement in his migraines and improved sleep.  By session 15, he was seeing consistent improvements in reducing the number and intensity of migraines. Then he came on his own.

We did 25 sessions with him before he stopped coming, because he began working more (and getting more done). After he stopped, we periodically talked with him.  

He reported that so far (some months post-treatment), he had had no resumption of migraines. He noted having a few headaches, but he said they were “normal headaches – like normal people. I can handle them with no problem.”

Note: his OCD improved tremendously as well.  He stated: “I still have it (OCD), but it no longer gets in my way.” Since using neurofeedback and experiencing these results, he told us: “I cannot imagine why anyone would use medications once they learn about neurofeedback.”

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