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Neurofeedback 101:

Core Concepts, Equipment Options and Training Models

Skill Level: Beginners and Beyond

A 3-Day, Practical Course in Neurofeedback

May 20th, 21st & 22nd

Our Neurofeedback 101 course is one of the few neurofeedback courses that provides an overview of a variety of major equipment, software and methods.

In addition to a broad overview, we also teach the basics including electrode placement, frequencies and amplitudes, understanding an EEG, arousal states, theta/beta ratios, and more.

Participants benefit from running and receiving up to 5 brain training sessions, giving them the opportunity to both practice and experience neurofeedback.

The Neurofeedback 101 course is designed to prepare you for what you need to know in order to begin your own practice in neurofeedback.

“After years of teaching neurofeedback, I realized few courses really gave an overview of different equipment and different models. There are so many options. Courses tend to be specific to one piece of equipment, or one training model. Where do you go to learn the basics of neurofeedback, have ample practice time, get a broad overview of the field, and yet not be overwhelmed?

So I adapted my Neurofeedback 101 course to teach core fundamental concepts — and to discuss the various ways that different systems and models achieve changes in brain regulation and cortical timing.”

— Michael Cohen

Highlights of the Course:

  • Provides a balanced view on the benefits & challenges of neurofeedback.
  • Very hands-on course with ample practice time.
  • Introduction to many different neurofeedback systems, software, equipment and models.
  • Discussion of the business side of neurofeedback.
  • One on one time with the instructor allows for many questions beyond the scope of the class.

Neurofeedback 101 purposefully has a small class size so there is plenty of time for individual questions and focused attention to all attendees.

Neurofeedback 101 is both innovative and a comprehensive introduction to neurofeedback.

For a more detailed course description, see below.


Center for Brain
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May 20th, 21st & 22nd



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Full Course Description

The Center for Brain Training not only offers help to individuals seeking assistance in overcoming their troubling symptoms, it also provides professionals and home users a place to learn and train in neurofeedback.

Director of Neurotechnology, Michael Cohen, has trained more than 1500 health professionals over 20 years to learn and master neurofeedback. It’s not easy to get started in neurofeedback. There can be too many options, too much confusion, and a steep learning curve.

As a solution, the Center for Brain Training offers the Neurofeedback 101 Course. It’s an efficient, intensive course focused on “how to do neurofeedback”.

In addition to the basics, the course provides a broad overview of the field, including discussions of different protocols, models, and instruments.  We explore Beta/SMR training, arousal models, targeting symptoms, and neurophysiology. We then expand to discuss EEG- and qEEG-based training, Z-score, ultra low/infra low Othmer and Brainmaster styles, LENS training, NeurOptimal, HEG and beyond.

There are discussions on various symptoms and issues that clients might present with, and a review of the potential solutions. Students spend time running actual sessions.  We offer hands-on practicum time with several  systems.

After years of teaching courses around the world to numerous clinicians, Michael Cohen pared this course down to an efficient and effective three-day intensive. The class size is kept intentionally small to allow for direct hands-on experience, precise focus, and an opportunity to become a productive practitioner quickly.

There is an immense amount of information to learn in neurofeedback. Our course provides simple, clear explanations for a very complex subject. There is a strong emphasis on practicum in this course. Why? To learn neurofeedback, one must see it being done and practice applying it.

After completing Neurofeedback 101, you will be better prepared in a shorter period of time than most courses in the field. Once you have the real basics down, you can learn much more effectively from every other course or book.

For more information about the course, email us at or contact us at 561-594-2062.

About the Instructor:

Michael Cohen, Director of Neurotechnology and Instructor for the course, has been in the neurofeedback field for over 20 years.  He assists clients dealing with a variety of conditions through the use of neurofeedback, and also helps professionals seeking to incorporate neurofeedback into their practices.  He is considered a leading expert in EEG Neurofeedback and serves as a consultant to clinicians and addiction treatment centers.  If you would like to learn more about Michael Cohen’s background, please click here:About Michael Cohen

Note: Michael Cohen also teaches Neurofeedback 201, a two-day follow-up course offered online. It is usually recommended that you get some hands on experience before the 201 course.

For our Level 2, Neurofeedback 201 Course click here.

Professional Comments

Audio comments from:
Kristen Fennell
Psychotherapist and Neurotherapist
Woodcrest Therapy Services
Ottawa, Canada

How I will be using the information I learned:

What I think of Mike Cohen as a teacher:

What I got out of the Neurofeedback 101 course:

Why I took a neurofeedback course:

Mike is a very engaging instructor. I learned so much from him. His teaching style is lighthearted but very informative. He’s good at helping people understand complicated topics. Since taking the course I’m much more comfortable doing neurofeedback.
-Karen Flannery, M.D., Hospitalist
West Palm Beach, Florida

I took Neurofeedback 101 because neurofeedback is becoming the gold standard for treating neurological disorders in children, particularly those with ADHD. It was important to me to be a part of this movement. I chose to take Mike’s course because I was impressed by the story of how he went into the field after seeing neurofeedback significantly help his father who had severe depression. I also liked what I read in the testimonials about how he simplifies the material and makes it practical. I enjoyed learning how to determine protocols and how to do neurofeedback on children. Mike gave me material I could use in my clinic and let us experiment with various equipment in the office. I loved that he invited the students to join him for lunch and for dinner and that he didn’t rush to leave at the end of the day. Mike is engaging and easy to talk to, and he gives you knowledge you can apply to the real world

-Leeat Medalion, MS OTR/L occupational therapist
Medalion Occupational Therapy Consulting PLLC

I chose to take Mike Cohen’s Neurofeedback 101 course because Woodcrest is expanding its neurofeedback services. I wanted to learn how to use equipment and protocols different from what we’ve been using. The course gave me a much better understanding of the foundations of neurofeedback. I also gained an immense amount of confidence in my neurofeedback practice. I can also now explain neurofeedback more clearly and confidently to the people I work with.Mike’s teaching style was exactly what I needed. He has an incredible gift for taking something very complicated and making it make sense.I really enjoyed the course. It was worth every penny.

-Kristen Fennell, Psychotherapist and Neurotherapist
Woodcrest Therapy Services
Ottawa, Canada

I have taken two of Mike Cohen’s neurofeedback courses and can say that he is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. Neurofeedback can be overwhelming for someone new to the field. Mike does an excellent job of putting the information in simple terms so you can understand it and build confidence.

-Pricilla Vizcaino,
Neurofeedback Practitioner, Monterrey, Mexico

“Mike Cohen’s skills and ability to teach those skills are a valuable resource to anyone looking to learn Neurofeedback.”

– Andrew Sethe, Ph.D. Lord Sterling School, NJ

“Michael is dynamic and knowledgeable. He makes complicated material understandable, taking a very step by step approach. He can work with beginning, intermediate and advanced levels. He’s not only skilled as a teacher but he has a wide knowledge of equipment without necessarily being locked in to any one approach. He’s been instrumental in helping our practice grow over the last several years.”

Barry Belt, Licensed Psychologist, Certified School Psychologist

“Mike has been the single most valuable resource in my foray into the field of neurofeedback. As a teacher, Mike listens carefully and delivers his message in as many ways as needed for his students to learn. As a consultant, Mike can analyze a situation, technical or strategic, and make a series of recommendations, honestly examining the advantages and disadvantages of each. As a resource for information and networking in the field, Mike has no peer – he talks to everyone, the newcomers, the veterans, the researchers and the entrepreneurs – and he takes the time to understand what each is up to. In summary, when I have an idea or a question related to neurofeedback, Mike is the first person I think of to contact.”

David A. Mitnick, M.D.

Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, The Center for Neurofeedback and Integrative Health, Inc., Paramus, New Jersey

“Having co-taught this course on two occasions with Mike, I can tell you that Mike is a terrific teacher. He seamlessly integrates the clinical with the technical aspects of our work. You will learn how to get the most out of the software – how to use your eyes, ears, brain and clinical judgment to know what to look for on the screens, what to look for in your client, and what to do with all those keys on your keyboard. Let’s face it, to do this work effectively and confidently, we have to be good clinicians and good technicians. This is the course that will help you put it all together.”

Edward Jacobs, Ph.D., Londonderry, NH

Author of ADHD: Helping Parents Help their Children

“We have found Michael’s insights and theoretical model to be invaluable to us in our very active practice. His perspective has provided a framework to further our understanding and use of neurofeedback. He’s been an amazingly knowledgeable resource for us. Phone consultations have not only furthered our grasp of the field, increased our confidence level in our own work, but inspired us with our clients, which is the reason we’re here anyway.”

Avery Bratt, Ph.D. and Laura Bratt, AHA Psychological Services, Kansas City, KS

“This course was incredibly well done. Mike is an unbelievable educator. He started with general information and built a framework around it, then filled in the details. It was brilliant. It was practical and hands on. He gave enough information so that if people were intending to have a practice, they could go forth and use it. It was absolutely great!”

– JM, Stuart, FL

“Having been helped so much from neurofeedback training with the Center for Brain Training, I took this course so I could continue my brain training when I moved away. You don’t have to be a healthcare professional to benefit from this course. If you’re a parent of a child who benefits from training, if you live out of town and want to learn how to help train yourself or a loved one, or if you are considering neurofeedback as a possible career field, this course offers a tremendous amount of information, support, and guidance.”

– AL, West Palm Beach, FL

NEUROFEEDBACK  101 Learning Objectives:

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  1. Students will be able to pair appropriate brain training site with associated client symptoms/concerns.
  2. Student will be able to successfully hook up a client and set up a session according to specified protocol.
  3. Students will be able to identify areas of greatest dysregulation in the spectral of an EEG.
  4. Students will be able to cite 3 potential issues that can arise when working with clients and associated potential solutions.


Cancellations – $200 deposit is required at registration.  Deposit and payment are non-refundable, but can be transferred to another course.

ADA assistance – We make reasonable accommodations.  Please contact us with specific concerns or requests, or for assistance for ADA compliance.


I took a neurofeedback course because I had read about neurofeedback in a book called The Body Keeps the Score. Reading that book was part of some investigating I was doing on alternative ways to facilitate trauma recovery. I decided that I wanted to buy a system sometime in the future, and Mike’s Neurofeedback 101 course offered a good way to familiarize myself with neurofeedback and options for equipment.

Dave Stelling
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Redeemer Counseling Center
Winter Springs and Lake Nona, Florida

The tenor of the class was casual, fun, and easy to listen to. I just wanted to soak up every little drop of information the whole time. Now I have all these great ideas spinning around in my head – all these basic but important changes in the way I think and talk about neurofeedback.

You really have had a significant impact on the direction of my practice and my career!
Thank you so much!

K. S., D.C.
Middleburgh, New York

I loved the course.  I feel I’ve learned enough to make a reasonably informed decision on what equipment to buy and to begin using neurofeedback on my clients.

Most beneficial was all of the practice time allowed.

A bonus of the practice is that I received lots of neurofeedback, and I am feeling better (less anxious, more clear) than I have felt in a long time.

I look forward to returning to your center for the more advanced class after I have practiced for a while.  Mike is a gifted teacher.

Milford, Connecticut

The first day of the class I was a little overwhelmed. Mike put up graphs, and there were numbers everywhere, and you didn’t know what to look at. But in the end, it all made sense. In fact, I was surprised at how much sense it made from a neurological standpoint.
I was impressed with how Mike gave a very practical view of neurofeedback, something you could apply. I didn’t expect to be comfortable doing it so quickly, but I went from knowing nothing to being able to apply it after just one weekend. I returned to my office and conducted five sessions on patients.

Mike presented the whole picture and broke everything down.  I appreciated that he has knowledge of different neurofeedback systems, different approaches to doing neurofeedback and different ways of interpreting EEG’s.

The class wasn’t as structured as I expected it to be, based on the material he sent out in advance of the course. The class flowed according to questions people had.

The most valuable part of the course was the hands-on training. We were able to see right before our eyes what we had been learning about in the lectures.

I like how Mike is laid back and makes you feel comfortable. You know that regardless of your questions or concerns, he’s going to get you there.

Marty Rukeyser, D.C.
Port St. Lucie, Fla

I really enjoyed the course.  I particularly valued being able to work with the equipment and to experience applying and receiving the neurofeedback firsthand.  Mike was awesome.  He was a good teacher, really patient, humorous, approachable and really knows his stuff.  Even with all his knowledge, he was able to appropriately simplify the information for the class.  Being able to see the Center gave me a good idea on how to set up a clinic as well.  I found everyone professional and welcoming.  It was very positive.

J. S., M.S.
PhD Clinical Psychology Student

I wanted to say thanks again for allowing me to come to the training. It was enjoyable and a great learning experience. We covered a lot of information, more than I expected, but it was definitely not overwhelming. I’m really excited to find out what lies ahead for me with neurofeedback.
B. G.
Eastman, Georgia

…a big thank you to you.  From the very beginning “Intro to Neurofeedback” through all my “basic training” you were there as a knowledgeable and enthusiastic teacher.  And you have continued to inform and educate me – through ‘”run-ins” at conferences/trainings and through your phone forums.  You encouraged me to “come on in….the water’s fine” when I struggled with the inevitable overwhelm after the four-day training…..and, as a result, five and a half years later, I have work that is satisfying, meaningful, puts bread on the table AND keeps the neurons firing.

I consider you the most “comprehensibly knowledgeable” person in the field today and am deeply grateful for all you bring to the table. I look forward to continuing to learn from you.

J. B. M.Ed
Norwell, Massachusetts