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Does Your Child Struggle with ADHD and Behavior Problems?

Knowing your child is struggling with attention, impulsivity, behavior problems, and hyperactivity is difficult for any parent. You know it’s stressful, not only for your child, but also for your family as a whole.

You may be exhausted from:

  • Being hypervigilant about your child’s behavior
  • Searching for answers or ways to better understand your child
  • Trying to balance the attention needs of a child with ADHD and other siblings
  • The high level of energy needed to keep up with your child
  • Watching your child struggle in school and socially
  • Tuning into your child’s moods

You May Have Seen Doctors, Specialists, and Mental Health Professionals

Parents of kids with ADHD who come to the Center for Brain Training have often tried many different things. When they learn about neurofeedback, they may be cautious or afraid to hope. They may wonder why they haven’t heard of it before.

Parents have often:

  • been to doctors and specialists
  • tried medications
  • seen mental health professionals
  • read books about ADHD
  • researched options on the Internet
  • or participated in forums looking for other solutions

What Can You Expect With Neurofeedback?

Neurofeedback helps the brain learn new patterns, allowing the symptoms of ADHD to dissipate. With neurofeedback, or brain training, most kids and adults can learn to gain better self-control and improve attention.

In many instances, people with ADHD show a pattern of slow wave activity in the brain. Neurofeedback helps regulate and stabilize brain function and allows the brain to change without medication. Because the brain changes itself, changes tend to hold once the new patterns are firmly established. Just like riding a bike, once we learn a new pattern, we don’t tend to forget it.

Kids often like neurofeedback once they get familiar with it because it’s similar to playing a video game. The difference is they play it with their brains and, in the process, their brain learns new and healthier patterns.

A Child with ADHD Before and After Neurofeedback

This was part of a national news show in Australia. It’s one of the best videos we’ve seen about neurofeedback. The psychologist interviewed is Moshe Perl, Ph.D. He has reported solid clinical success with neurofeedback and has used it with hundreds of children and adults for more than 10 years.

Please note, the cost mentioned in this video is in Australian currency. Neurofeedback is an affordable, safe, and medication-free method of getting your child the help he or she needs. Please call the Center for Brain Training at 561-744-7616 for more details.

What About Medication?

Many parents have concerns about medications and side effects associated with their extended use. The list can be long and can include a loss of appetite, cardiac risks, interference with sleep, or your child becoming “less personable”. There is also concern that children are taught that pills can solve their problems.

With medication, the benefits disappear when the treatment is stopped. Dosages may need to be changed due to increased tolerance, additional medications added, and side effects are always possible. As an alternative to medication, neurofeedback can often help people reduce or eliminate drugs prescribed for ADHD as their brains become more stable.

Brain Patterns and ADHD

With ADHD, there may be too much slow activity in brain regions that regulate focus and attention. ADHD clients compensate for this slower-than-normal, brain activity by stimulating their brains with constant body movement to ‘wake up their brain’. Stimulants increase brain activity so they can focus without the constant body movement. Slow activity in certain brain regions is also associated with lack of motivation, distractibility, inattention, depression, and worry.


Alternative ADHD Treatment

Excessive fast activity in the brain can also cause problems. That can include impulsivity, aggressiveness, and anxiety. Imagine your brain racing so fast that it’s difficult to listen or sit still. People with ADHD tend to be very intelligent and often get the big picture right away. Because their mental pace may be faster than the person giving the instructions, they move ahead and miss many of the details.

Brain Training is an Effective and Researched Alternative

ADHD is a brain problem, Doesn’t it make sense to focus directly on the problem?

Call us at the Center for Brain Training at 561-744-7616 for our Jupiter office to learn more about how neurofeedback can help you or your family.

Your brain drives all learning. When you train your brain with neurofeedback, it helps you learn how to become focused, calm, and gain self-control.

Most people can’t control the number of heart beats they make per minute. It’s also hard (without brain training) to learn to control the rhythm of the brain. If the brain’s waves are not ‘in sync’ or are too fast or slow, it’s very hard to focus, be calm, or be in control.

The good news is various studies conducted over many years show that brain training with neurofeedback improves inattention, distractibility, impulsivity and self control.

Want More Information About Neurofeedback?

Read about some ADHD studies here.

Dr. Tanju Surmeli, a psychiatrist world-renowned for his research in neurofeedback and psychological disorders, weighs in on the role of neurofeedback for sleep disturbances that can exacerbate symptoms of ADHD and ADD in an interview with Mike Cohen, Director of the Center for Brain Training.

Listen to the audio clip:  Dr. Surmeli on Sleep and Psychological Disorders

Two Common Questions About Neurofeedback

How does brain training teach the brain?

The brain is a self-regulating, feedback loop. When one area of the brain is out of sync, it messes up other areas that kick in to compensate for the dysfunctioning area.

Neurofeedback effectively improves attention and behavior through consistent reinforcement of the state the brain is in when it is calm and focused. This is a normal state for the brain. Through neurofeedback, the brain learns to return to normal regulation and balance.

With neurofeedback, the client is rewarded and made aware when the brain is producing the proper brain waves, reducing excessively fast or slow activity. Without reinforcement, it would be impossible to know when you were practicing the proper balance that allows you to improve brain regulation.

When you learn to a catch a ball and are rewarded by catching it, over time catching a ball becomes easier. It is no longer a conscious decision to think through the steps learned to catch a ball. It becomes somewhat automatic, and the more you practice, the better you get. Similarly, once you learn to pay attention and practice it, you won’t forget.

What type of results can I expect from brain training?

Surveys of health professionals using neurofeedback estimate that over 85% of their clients successfully learn to focus, regulate behavior, and decrease impulsivity when they train on a consistent schedule.

Once learning is achieved, we work with clients and their physicians to decrease medications while decreasing the training schedule. Many individuals are able to decrease medications and training all together, and some need only a minimal dose and a maintenance training schedule.

We also have several other tools available that complement, and often optimize, the training experience. Depending upon the individual client, these tools may assist by increasing the impact of neurofeedback and at times shortening the duration of training. Please contact us for an individual consultation.

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