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Michael Cohen, President of The Center For Brain Training

Michael Cohen, President

Michael CohenMichael Cohen is Director of Training and President of The Center for Brain Training.  He has specialized in Applied Psychophysiology and EEG Biofeedback since 1996.

As Director of Education for EEG Spectrum, one of the main training organizations in the field, Mike organized and taught courses around the world to psychologists, therapists, and MD’s on the use of neurofeedback.  He has helped organize and teach courses introducing neurofeedback to psychiatrists at the annual American Psychiatric Association.  He has also taught neurofeedback at many of the annual industry conferences.

Mike has served on the Board of Directors for two of the largest professional organizations in the field of neurofeedback.  He has produced over 36 monthly audio CD interviews with top industry leaders, as well as with professionals from other related fields.  These professionals share their experience and expertise in using neurofeedback with PTSD, depression, ADD, autism, etc. Called the Phone Forum, the CDs are distributed around the world to neurofeedback professionals.  It continues to be a popular series for new and experienced clinicians.

Mike entered the field after neurofeedback helped a close family member with major depression.  This family member’s depression had not responded to any medication or even ECT (electroconvulsive therapy).  When Mike discovered neurofeedback, he had his family member try it.  The response was remarkable — especially considering that nothing else had worked.  Since then, Mike’s goal has been to make these tools more accessible to the people who need them and who can benefit from them.

Over the years, Mike has used neurofeedback with hundreds of individuals.  Additionally, he’s helped hundreds of health professionals get started in neurofeedback.  As Director of Education for EEG Spectrum International from 2002 through 2005, he helped create and teach an introductory course that has been described as setting the standard for the field.  He continues to teach advanced neurofeedback courses to MDs, psychologists, and therapists for EEG Spectrum International.

In addition, Mike provides clinical consulting services to healthcare professionals.  This involves reviewing clinical cases with them and providing guidance in using neurofeedback with specific patients.


Prior to opening his first neurofeedback center, Mike was a consultant in high-tech for twenty years, working with a variety of complex systems.  After neurofeedback helped his father in 1995, he decided to leave high-tech to dedicate himself to making this new brain technology more accessible to a larger number of people. He opened a practice in Atlanta with the practitioner who helped his father.  Then he was recruited to help the largest training organization in the field of neurofeedback.  Since entering the field, Mike has had extensive training in biofeedback and neurophysiology. Because of his technology background, he’s been involved in helping evolve some of the neurofeedback instrumentation.

What others say:

“He’s been an amazingly knowledgeable resource for us.”
Avery Bratt, Ph.D. and Laura Bratt
AHA Psychological Services, Kansas City, KS

“Mike has provided me with critical information relative to specific cases, and with regard to general practice procedures.”
Susan Parente, Psy.D., Montclair, NJ


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"EP was given the brain map in February and subsequently began his sessions at the end of March. During his first attention test, he was well below normal (two standard deviations below). After just 17 sessions, when given another attention test, he tested in the normal range. My husband and I see it first-hand in day to day situations!" ...

Attleboro, MA

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