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Neurofeedback can make a difference without medications...


NEW  at Center for Brain Training — Body Biofeedback

Body Biofeedback, or BioRegulation Therapy, is a special type of biofeedback that helps promote intercellular communication. When the cells of the body communicate with each other more efficiently, the organ systems communicate more efficiently, and whole-body functioning increases. It’s excellent for a variety of problems like chronic pain and…

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Why Can Brain Training Help When Other Methods Haven’t Worked?

It comes down to the brains amazing capacity to change itself—a process known as neuroplasticity. We used to believe that the brain’s development became fairly fixed at an early age and we really couldn’t expect more. We now know, through extensive research, that this simply isn’t true.

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A Quick Explanation of Neurofeedback.

Learn more about neurofeedback, how it works, what it helps, and why it’s different than other available options. With neurofeedback, your brain changes itself.


Neurofeedback for Traumatic Brain Injury? Yes!

After just six weeks of neurofeedback at the Center for Brain Training, April made more progress healing from her traumatic brain injury than she’d made in the previous nine years. This interview with April, her daughter, and Mike Cohen of the Center for Brain Training, explores the power neurofeedback can have in people’s lives, even many years after a brain injury occurs. We’re grateful to April for sharing her story and experience with neurofeedback.


Who Is the Center for Brain Training?

Learn more about our Center, what we do, and how we can help you or your family.


Have Questions About Whether Neurofeedback Is Right for You?

Michael Cohen offers personal, private consulting for people interested in additional information, support, or guidance about neurofeedback. So many options are available, it can be overwhelming trying to decide the best care, protocols, equipment, or classes. Or even if neurofeedback is the best choice!

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More on Neurofeedback…

  • New Hope for Autism and Aspergers?
    Can children with Autism Spectrum Disorder learn how to change their own brains? Studies reveal the powerful technology known as Neurofeedback can help.
    > Alternative autism treatment
  • Struggling with Anxiety?
    Does mind chatter destroy your sense of peace? Is it impossible to keep your brain quiet? Can Neurofeedback help individuals keep their mind calm and their emotions stable?
    > Alternative anxiety disorder treatment
  • Treat ADHD without Medication?
    Research shows excessively slow brain waves in the frontal area are often associated with ADHD.
    > Drug free ADHD treatment
  • Do You Have Depression Symptoms?
    Did you know many people taking medication for depression still suffer from symptoms?
    > Drug free depression treatment
  • Want to Sleep on Your Own – Drug Free?
    Whatever the nature of your sleep issue, find out how changing brain rhythms changes timing – which in turn helps balance sleep.
    > Drug free insomnia treatment
  • Learning Disabilities are a LIFELONG problem. Can you Change It?
    If you struggle to learn, it’s often related to problems with brain timing.
    > Alternative learning disabilities treatment
  • Tired of the “Trial and Error” Approach to Medications?
    Many people go through several trials with medication in an effort to find the right one–sometimes they never do. Wouldn’t you like to know that you are on the best medication for your specific needs?
    > CNS Response Test

Dr. Amen (seen on PBS) Supports Neurofeedback

Dr. Daniel Amen is a well known psychiatrist who has written a number of popular books about the brain, including the bestseller, Change your Brain, Change Your Life. He states that research shows neurofeedback enhances neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to adapt) and cites studies showing improvements with autism, and ADHD. A growing number of doctors now recommend neurofeedback an option or adjunct to medication.

Psychiatrist Recommends Neurofeedback to Other MDs

Neurofeedback offers a powerful intervention. While not a panacea, it can improve and stabilize symptoms in the very kinds of cases psychiatrists struggle with.”

Kimberly Hogan Pesaniello, MD
Psychiatrist, Virginia

Read Dr. Pesaniello’s full note to clinicians

What Is Biofeedback? Are There Different Types?

Learn more about biofeedback and the ways it can help people gain better control and a healthier central nervous system. A tremendous amount of research supports the benefits of biofeedback therapy for a variety of situation like migraines, headaches, anxiety, sports performance, and more.


EEG Brain Mapping

Here’s a qEEG Brain map. It provides a picture and analysis of how your brain works – and where it has problems. It also provides us information on how to target training.


New Way To Treat
Behavior Changes

Concussions aren’t typically connected to sudden changes in behavior or erratic mood swings. However, new research suggests that there is a link between head trauma and the delayed onset of altered behavior. Up until now, there was no way to help people who suffered from this condition, but exciting developments in treatment has proven that Neurofeedback can help correct the problem.


Don't Let Chronic
Pain Stop You

Sufferers of chronic pain know how difficult it is to complete daily tasks and activities. At Center for Brain Training, we can help alleviate your pain with advanced BiopRegulation treatment. Our therapy has been successful in treating hip and back pain, as well as chronic fatigue, offering long-term pain management.



themeforestWhat our clients are saying

“My daughter has experienced a high degree of anxiety that did not allow her to interact with other children very well. She could not let anybody else control the situation or let somebody else be the leader in a game. She was very rigid in all social situations. After 20 neurofeedback sessions, she is learning to let go of the control of a situation. She can now face situations that used to cause great anxiety with a certain amount of composure. The rigid lines of her body are softening as her ability to interact improves.”

Rehoboth, MA.

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